Surf Season has started!

After a long hot summer Morocco once again is buzzing with surfers. The first swell of the season turned the sleepy summer vibes of Taghazout into a hot spot of surfers running to the beach to catch those first good waves. The atmosphere was buzzing! The waves have continued and we are loving having our…

Surf trip Marokko

Enjoy a Surf Safari in Morocco

Our Surf Safari offer is primarily intended for intermediate and advanced surfers. We will take you on a journey along the breathtaking coast of Morocco’s South. We surf world-class waves to uncrowded spots, see pristine beaches and coastal landscapes, visit great cities like Essaouira & Sidi Ifni and eat fresh fish and delicious tajines in…

Morocco Surf Holiday

Who we are?

In addition to the perfect surfing conditions Morocco provides, it is our unique concept with the idea of an individual Surf holidays that grants you an unforgettable and authentic time with Morocco Surf Holiday bestowed. The versatility of Morocco’s coastline with its various Beach point breaks and reefs and their constant swell in winter offers…