Frequented asked questions Morocco Surf Holiday

1. How do I arrive to MOROCCO SURF HOLIDAY?

• The Agadir airport is 40 min. away from us. We could organise a transfer for you. Price: 20 Euros per person per way.
• The Marrakech airport is 3 hours away from us. We could organise a transfer for you. Price: 120 Euros per way. Furthermore you have the possibility to come by bus from Marrakech to Agadir. CTM is a good bus company. You can check the timetable and book a ticket on . We will gladly also help you with the booking.
• The Agadir bus station is 25 minutes away from us. We could pick you up for 15 Euros.
• Airlines:

2. Do I need a Visa?

German and European citizens get a visa for 3 months when entering to the country.

3. Can I bring friends or a couple that will not take part in the surf lessons?

Of course, you can bring with you “no surfers”. We have great rates for accompanying persons including accommodation, all transfers and excursions. Please our homepage for prices and details!

4. Is there anything else interesting to do?

A list of activities outside the surf lesson hours can be found on our website on the “Attractions & Activities” section.

5. Currency and money

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. Dirham cannot be exported; therefore, you can get them only in Morocco. You can withdraw money whether in an ATM at the airport or in Agadir. Furthermore, there are exchange offices at the airport, in Agadir and just besides our Villa Azur in Tamraght.

6. Telephone and internet connection

There is the possibility to acquire a Moroccan SIM card for the equivalent of 3 Euros. It can then be charged as required for telephone and Internet. In the lodging and in most of the cafes and restaurants there is free WIFI.

7. Arrivals and transfers

The journey can take place any day of the week and weekend and at any time. We will arrange the transfer from the airport after receipt of your flight details.

8. Accommodation and surroundings

We are very happy to offer to our guests, nice accommodations, good and sufficient food and a great program, because that is not evident to everyone in Morocco.
The standard in these accommodations is not always comparable to the Northern European, yet we have very nice accommodation of various categories. The environment and the surrounding areas are in a constant state of flux because the coastline is specially been developed for tourism between Tamraght and Taghazout.
On the one hand, it enhances the tourist facilities and the long-awaited infrastructure, on the other hand places loose a little of its original charm. Nevertheless provides our cost perfect waves and countless surf spots for all levels.

9. Starting dates

Our surf lessons usually start the day after the arrival. Friday is our “Day Off”. Otherwise you can join at any time in the course. For stays longer than 7 nights, the surf course, if possible, lengthens as follows: 9-10 days = 7 day course, 11 nights = 8 day course, 12-13 nights = 9 day course, 14-16 nights = 10 day course.

10. Meals

You are fully catered in the Villa Azur. We mainly offer Moroccan cuisine with lots of fresh vegetables, delicious tagines and couscous. Please let us know when booking if you have any special dietary requirements (vegetarian / allergies / others).

11. Best season, length of stay

To record of achievement, we recommend a minimum stay of one week with a five-day surf course. So you can go to different surf spots, fix your acknowledges and have enough time to enjoy the country and meet people.
High season to guarantee waves, is between October and end of March. The water temperature is around 18 degrees and the air temperature during the day between 20 and 27 degrees. In the evening it can be cooler – especially from December to end of February.

12. What should I bring?

Please bring your own beach towels. We also recommend you to bring sunscreen and sun protection for the head.
At the beach you can you usually stay in shorts and swimsuit. However, in the city (or anywhere outside of the beach), it is advisable to wear clothes that cover shoulders and knees.
For the cool evening hours, sweaters, vests and maybe some warm socks are suitable.

13. Shopping

In Taghazout and Tamraght there are several shops for daily needs, surf shops, and souvenir shops.
In Agadir, there are also some large supermarkets, alcohol stores and various shops with clothing, souvenirs and Moroccan handicrafts. There is also a Rip Curl Surf Shop.
Typical of a stay in an African country is the “bargain”, which is common not only with tourists but also among the locals. This, for us, northern Europeans, might not be in the blood, but it is a part of the African culture and can, if you’re getting into it, even make fun. However, food, daily necessities, food and beverages in restaurants have a fixed price, so do not try to dot it here!

14. Nightlife & alcohol

Alcohol is not served in public places in Taghazout and Tamraght where there are no bars or pubs and therefore no real nightlife.
“Agadir Nightlife” is one of the activities we propose, which can be organized and booked on site with us. In Agadir, there are bars, pubs and discos. There is also the opportunity to purchase alcoholic beverages in a supermarket in Agadir and bring them to the camp.

15. Medical care

For a trip to Morocco no vaccinations are needed. There are good hospitals in Agadir in case of a medical emergency. An ambulance comes on request to our accommodations, if necessary. Please make sure that you have signed up travel insurance before departure. In Taghazout and Aourir there are pharmacies open around the clock.