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Our surf lessons are based on years of experience and training from our instructors. Each lesson includes theory training and getting you out into the waves.

On the first day beginners will learn about the waves, the sea and the tides, and then, after a little warm up, the jump to the water together with the surf instructor. You will be asked to lie on your stomach to experience your first sliding on the board. The goal is to stand on the board within the 5-day surf lessons.

For intermediate level surfers able to master the “Take Off” in white water can progress, together with our surf instructor, to surf some green waves. The aim is, if possible to paddle a green wave on its own and just to depart.

Those intermediate surfers who can dominate a safe take-off and paddle green waves we will help him to the next step: The sides unbroken waves – ie Forehand and backhand – to surf.

When you are confirmed as an intermediate or advanced surfer we can help you ride unbroken waves from an angle. We will help you learn turns & moves. As your surf instructor gives you the maximum support, you have the opportunity to discuss with him your goals.

Our Surf School Morocco

A typical day with Morocco Surf Holiday – Surf course

On arrival we welcome you to your accommodation and answer any questions you may have and be given the opportunity to discuss your wishes and questions. If you decide to stay on a self-catering apartment, we will welcome you in person on arrival, and we will discuss with you the course times.

On the following day of your arrival, after breakfast and depending on the tides and the destination of the day we will leave for the beach at around 09:30 am. With the surfing equipment on the car roof and a lunch box in the luggage we will collect you from your hotel and drive together to the best surf spot of the day.

For intermediate and advanced surfers who usually book our surf guiding, the times will vary depending on the swell conditions and tides.

Courses generally starts at 10:00 o’clock and include the material, some theory, a warm-up and a lot of surf practice.

Around 12:00 o’clock we have a lunch break with our homemade sandwiches & salads, fruits and water.

In the afternoon is “Practice-Time”. You will then put into practice the tips you learned in the morning under the guidance of the surf instructor.
You might want then a bit of sunbathing, football or volleyball.
Depending on the afternoon program, we leave the beach around 15:30 back to the accommodation.

The services and prices depend on the choice of your accommodation

From €320 per week

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