1.Travel Contract

The contract comes about only by a booking confirmation from the organizer.
Registration means recognizing the travel conditions. In case of minors, the legal representative will sing the acceptance of the conditions. Special requests and additional agreements are valid only if the organizer has confirmed them.

In case of individual apartment bookings, the applicant bears the responsibility of the contract to any other travel companion. This also applies to applications to group travel, when the intermediary provides the contractual relationship in question. The contract is concluded by the acceptance of the organizer, redeeming the deposit, reservation confirmation or participation.

2. Conditions to book surf packages or surf lessons

The participant expressly declares that he/she has no medical objections to the exertion of the surfing sport. Anyone who fulfils the requirements (swimming safety, sporting resilience and no ear disorders) can book for surf lessons.

3. Payment

When registering, a 40% deposit of the total amount has to be paid. The customer will get a confirmation e-mail with all the details to proceed with the payment. The deposit has to be made immediately. Once the deposit receipt has been received, the organizer will send a booking confirmation, therefore the booking is blocked.

4. Services

The scope of contractual services arises from the terms of reference of the tour operator and from the referring thereto information on the booking confirmation. Ancillary agreements that change the scope of the contractual performance require express written confirmation.

5. Deposit

The owner or key holder is entitled to ask for the return of the apartment’s keys, in case of damage caused and the correspondent amount will be held from the deposit. The deposit will be refunded in case of proper return of the rented property.

6. Consideration and exclusion

The organizer expects that each trip participant respect the customs and traditions of the host country, but also its request to environmental behaviour. Shall the participant grossly violate them; the organizer has the right to exclude him, without the right to any refund. The traveller will pay for any cost incurred. The same applies to travellers who continue interfering significantly after warning and consequently their participation is unacceptable for the other passengers or the organizer.

7. Rescission of the participant

The participant may resign at any time of the trip. The rescission must be written to preserve the evidence. The date the tour operator has been informed is very important. If the customer resigns the contract, the organizer will keep the deposit of 50% of the total price for the travel arrangements and his expenses.

8. Rebooking

The customer can rebook up to 10 days prior to departure, with the consent of the tour operator and upon payment of an additional fee of 50 Euros.

9. Substitute person

If ever the subscriber puts a substitute person in his name only a fee of 50 Euros, will be charged. It must necessarily be notified before departure!

10. Liability and disclaimer

The tour operator is liable under the due diligence for the conscientious preparation, the careful selection and monitoring of service providers, the accuracy of the specifications and the proper provision of the contractually agreed travel services.
The use of such services and to participate in a surf course, surf safari, free surfing or other sports activities as well as car journeys under excursions and transfers within the group activities is full responsibility of the participant. The organizer excludes liability claims for personal injury and property damage. Parents declare with their signature on the application form that their child is responsible enough to take part in a journey in which he / she is left unattended. Also in this case the organizer does not assume any liability.
The equipment provided to the participant should ALWAYS be handled with care. In case of loss or grossly negligent damage the participants will be liable for their value or equivalent replacement.

11. Travel insurance.

We strongly recommend getting travel insurance before traveling.

12. Schedule or plan changes

Changes cannot be excluded. Especially with weather-related hazards, the program can be changed and an alternative program will be offered. For weather-dependent circumstances we are not responsible in any case.

13. Visa requirements

The participant is responsible for compliance with the passport, visa, customs, currency and health regulations of the country.

14. Baggage

We assume no liability for luggage and sports equipment transportation, as well as for theft and burglary.

15. Severability clause & Jurisdiction

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the travel contract does not invalidate the entire travel contract which jurisdiction is Agadir (Morocco).