With Morocco Surf Holiday you can do a little trip to Agadir. Agadir is about 20 minutes south of Taghazout and Tamraght. The rather young and popular seaside resort of Agadir situated between the High Atlas and the Atlantic was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1960 and therefore shows a modern cityscape with wide boulevards in almost European architectural style.


Bird Park A visit to the bird park / zoo is free and is suitable as a supporting program for families. There are two playgrounds in the park.


Crocodile Park The new Crocopark on the suburb of Agadir is a great destination for the whole family. About 360 crocodiles live there in a beautiful construction with an artificial river. Plants and trees from around the world are exhibited in a kind of botanical garden. There are also 2 playgrounds, a video presentation about the creation of the park, a board with all the important information about crocodiles and other activities for children.

Admission: about 7 euros per adult, 4 euros for children


Medina d’Agadir After the earthquake of 1960, the old medina of Agadir was completely destroyed. An Italian artist born in Rabat has made it his mission to rebuild this old town in another place near Agadir. In 1992 he laid the foundation stone for the newly built Medina d’Agadir in the district of Aghroud Ben Sergao.

Souk At Souk El Ahad you will find Moroccan handicrafts such as ceramics, jewelery, Moroccan lamps, leather products such as bags and shoes, beautiful scarves, lots of souvenirs and things for daily use, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Fishing port While driving through the fishing port, you can watch the noisy fish auctions and boat building.


Promenade & Marina On the promenade of Agadir there are countless of cafes and restaurants. The bay of Agadir is very beautiful and the promenade leads from the new Marina (marina) to the Royal Palace 5 km away.


Fishing trip The new marina of Agadir offers different fishing trips.


Small Bike Tour On the beach of Agadir you have the possibility to rent a bike and explore the 5 km long promenade from the marina to the Royal Palace.


Cafe Tafarnout The best patisserie in the city is the Café Tafarnout where you can find delicious breakfast, very good snacks and especially the best cookies and cakes as well.


Kasbah Just north of the city center at a height of 350 meter are the ruins of the 16th-century Kasbah in the middle of the „Ancien Talborjit“ Memorial Park which remind us to the big earthquake of 1960. From there you overlook the fishing port, the boat building, the new marina, the entire bay of Agadir and the city center.