The day trip to Tafraoute will take you on a fascinating route along many small villages into the impressive rock landscape of the Anti-Atlas Mountains.


At a height of 1000 meters, erosion has created bizarre, almost spectacular rock granite landscapes. In front of this unique mountains, the pink-washed Tafraoute nestles in the high valley. But not only the great nature also the paint – work created in 1984 by the Belgian artist Jean Veran is a magical attraction of Tafraoute. The artist has distributed 18 tons of bright blue, red, orange and purple over the colossal boulders.


In Tafraoute you have the opportunity to visit an original still preserved Berber house and thus immerse yourself for a while in another culture.


In January and February the entire region turns into a wonderful almond blossom landscape, these are certainly the best months to make Tafraoute an unforgettable visit.


Tafraoute is also the starting point for trekking and bike tours.

with 2 persons 100 €


with 3 persons 80 €


Group discount on request!


Departure 6:00 o’clock – departure about 17:00 o’clock