The First day, the Beginners get the material, learn about the waves, the sea and the tides, and then, after a little warm up, the jump to the water together with the surf instructor. You will be asked to lie on your stomach to experience your first sliding on the board. The goal is to stand on the board within the 5-day surf lessons.

The intermediate level surfer masters the „Take Off“ in white water, and can now dare, together with our surf instructor, to surf some green waves. The aim is, if possible to paddle a green wave on its own and just to depart.

Intermediate surfers dominate a safe take-off and can paddle green waves. We will help him to the next step: The sides unbroken waves – ie Forehand and backhand – to surf.

Confirmed Intermediate & Advanced surfers ride unbroken waves from an angle. Now it is time to learn Turns & Moves. As your surf instructor gives you the maximum support, you have the opportunity to discuss with him your goals.

A typical day with Morocco Surf Holiday – surf course

On arrival we welcome you in your room and we will answer you the very first questions you may have.

At the Auberge in Tamraght, there is usually someone from the MSH – team. In the hotel you have the opportunity to contact the staff with all your wishes and questions. If you decide to stay on a self-catering apartment, we will welcome you in person on arrival, and we will get in touch with you always before and after the course times.

On the following day of your arrival, after breakfast and depending on the tides and the destination of the day we will leave to the beach the latest 09:30 am. With the surfing equipment on the car roof and a lunch box in the luggage we will pick you up in your hotel and drive together to the best surf spot of the day.

For intermediate and advanced surfers who usually book our surf guiding, other times will be applied as it is decided depending on the swell conditions and tides.

Der Kurs beginnt gegen 10:00 Uhr, beinhaltet Materialkunde, Theorie und ein gemeinsames Warm up und vor allem viel Surfpraxis.

Gegen 12:00 Uhr machen wir dann eine Lunchpause mit unseren Homemade Sandwiches & Salaten, Obst und Wasser.

Am Nachmittag in der „Practice-Time“ wird dann unter Anleitung des Surflehrers das am Vormittag Gelernte vertieft.

Vielleicht wollt ihr anschließend ein bisschen Sonnenbaden, Fußball oder Volleyball spielen.

Je nach Nachmittagsprogramm verlassen wir den Strand ab 15:30 Uhr in Richtung Unterkunft.


Die Leistungen & Preise sind abhängig von der Wahl deiner Unterkunft …


Leistungen & Preise