Surf Spots

The versatility of the Moroccan coast with its different beach, point- and reefbreaks and its constant swell in the winter offers beginners, advanced and also professionals 100% surfing pleasure …


La Grotte:

The Pointbreak is about 15 minutes south of Essaouira. The entrance is over rocks and the ground is a mix of rocks and sand. The right hander is particularly suitable for good intermediate to advanced surfers.


Sidi Kauki:

Very spacious beach with a beachbreak for all levels.



A very extensive  bay with high dunes in the southern part and a small fishing village in the northern part. The beachbreak is more suitable for beginners and a beautiful right hander runs in the north of the bay.



Imsouane is a small fishing village about 90 minutes drive on the beautiful coastal road to the north. The bay is well protected and works best at low tide and is one of the longest and best waves of Morocco!



If it is too small in Tamraght and Taghazout, we like to go to this beachbreak. A bay with various peaks. With right and left breaking waves, this spot offers something for every level.



A perfect, steep right wave at low tide. The entry and exit via rocks.



The wave at Dracula’s is very difficult. The powerful right hander hits rocks as sharp as Dracula’s teeth. Here is the entry and exit via rocks.



Powerful and fast right wave rolling above a sandbank.


Desert Point:

Pointbreak with a wave for intermediate surfers. Easy entry and exit above rocks and sand.

Camel Point:

The beach and surf spot takes its name from a rock formation resembling a camel lying in the sand. It is a pointbreak with sand underneath.


Killer Point:

Im Sommer wurden hier schon Killer Wale gesichtet. Wer den langen Weg zum Line up schafft wird mit einer langen Rechten belohnt.
Am besten läuft die Welle bei auflaufendem Wasser. Sie kann ultralang, hollow und schnell werden. Jeder Wipe-out heißt hier in der Regel Bodenkontakt. Wenn ihr Glück habt, dann ist es Sand, aber im Winter wird dieser meist weggewaschen. Bei kleinem Swell macht sich niemand die Mühe, zum Point zu paddeln.


La Source:

Directly in front of our apartments „Killer Point“ is the spot with its right- and left hander waves. A very nice and small wave. It is best at high tide.



A beautiful long and right wave with an unpleasant rock on the take-off zone. The left is also surfable when it runs. It is best with lowtide.


Anchor Point:

Most beautiful and most popular wave in our region! The pointbreak is loved by all local surfers, but requires a lot of skill! Preferably during lowtide. Only for advanced surfers. Getting in and out needs good timing and a lot of patience (and luck).


Hash Point:

Right handed point-break over sand and rocks.



Pointbreak with sandy bottom. Good for all levels.

This spot has a strong shifting peak and the incredible ability to hold swell sized 4m +. At full size, it connects to hashpoint, otherwise it’s more of a wave for beginners. The entrance is directly in front of the restaurant and not problematic.


CrouCrou & K 17:

South of Taghazout – between Devils Rock and Panorama – extends a 3-kilometer-long sandy beach so ideal for beginners.


Devils Rock:

Beautiful spot with right and left handed waves on mostly sandy ground. The spot is suitable for beginners and still a very nice wave with a long right and short left. It is best with lowtide.


Entrance over rocks. Partly rocky, partly sandy ground. Nice spot for advanced surfers.


Banana Point:

The massive wave is loved by longboarders and is great during low tide. The spot is well protected from north winds.


KM 12:

Beautiful beach break with right and left waves, starts on rocks and ends on sand. For intermediate surfers.


KM 11:

Beautiful beach break with left-hander, starts on rocks and ends on sand. For intermediate surfers.



Beachbreak for all levels.



The kilometer-long sandy beach, which gets only a fraction of the swell of Taghazout, has small fine waves when it is too big in Tamraght and Taghazout.



Tifnit offers a small sandy bay with some fishermen’s cabins about 25 kilometers south of Agadir. It can bring good waves over sand / rock with good sized Swell.



With a small swell and offshore you will find some beautiful peaks here. However, the wind often does not play along and the current can also become intensive. The road down south offers even more beautiful surf spots.



In Mirlift, there are several beach breaks suitable for all levels. If the Swell in Taghazout is to small, than Mirleft is surfable.


Sidi Ifni:

Sidi Ifni often offers perfect right handers over a shallow reef. There are more beautiful peaks close to the harbor. Sidi Ifni gets a lot of swell, especially in summer.