The Morocco Surf Holiday Team is managed by Moroccan and German owners and consists of local and international licensed surf instructors that provide beginner’s courses, advanced surf coaching or guiding and also ‚independent‘ surfer bookings and surfing holidays for Familys.

All guests are welcome to peruse our offered activities and packages and discuss with our staff any requests so that we can tailor your holiday and surfing activities. Hospitality is very important to us and we want you to feel comfortable.


Mohamed is the founder and manager of Morocco Surf Holiday. He is responsible for the process of your stay and is happy to show you as an experienced local surf guide the best surf spots on Morocco’s coast.

Mohamed was born and raised in Agadir. He has been surfing in this region since his early youth. Before founding Morocco Surf Holiday, he spent many years in various surf camps. He is also a trained surf instructor and member of the Moroccan Surf Federation and a certified lifeguard (DLRG).


Hamza is originally from Casablanca and is our Chef. He is very well versed in spices and moroccon cuisine. Hamza organizes the kitchen and prepares really delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Rachida was born in the region of Agadir and is our gold piece in the Surf beach house. She will make sure everything is clean and takes care of us. In addition, she and Hamza prepare a well-balanced and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.


Ali is our morccon surfinstructor and waas born in Agadir. He started surfing in the tender age of 16 and didn’t stop it at all. In the summer of 2011 he started working as a surfinstructor in Agadir and has been very experienced in ocean an surf forecasting for many years. His passion for surfing is very infecting and our guests have a lot of fun with him.


Joris is our german surfinstructor and teaches in summer on the french Atlantic coast in Carcans Plage. Through his travels he has gained many experiences about surfing and different cultures and likes to share them with you. You will have a lot of fun with him.


Yussein comes from Agadir and is our caretaker. He ensures la wand order so each part will find it’s right place.


Sarah was born in Germany and lives here since november 2018. She is the good soul with us and takes care of bookings and our guests. Sarah does her job with love and enjoys every moment here in Morcco. Besides she accompanies the surf courses and improves her own surfing skills.


Maxi was born in Germany and came to Morocco across wintertime in germany. She is part oft he office and housekeeping. If you have any questions about Morocco Surf Holiday she will help you with words and deeds. If Maxi is not at the camp she probably grabbed her surfboard and went for wave hunting.