1. Travel contract

The contract is concluded by acceptance of the organizer of a reservation confirmation.
The participant declares that from a medical point of view there are no objections to the practice of surfing. Anyone who fulfills these requirements can take part: swimming safety, physical fitness and no ear disorders.The registration takes place under recognition of the travel conditions. For minors the registration has to be signed by a legitimate representative. Special requests and side-agreements are only significant if they are confirmed by the organizer. In case of individual apartment bookings, the applicant bears the responsibility of fulfilling the contract of his fellow passenger. It also applies to group travel registrations if the co-bookers challenge the contractual relationship. The contract is concluded by acceptance of the organizer, payment of the deposit, booking confirmation or participation.


2. Terms and conditions

The participant declares that from a medical point of view are no objections to practice surfing. Anyone who fulfills the requirements can participate: swimming safety, athletic toughness and no ear infections.


3. Conditions of payment

When registering, a first instalment of 40% of the total amount is payable. All necessary information on the method of payment will be communicated to the customer by e-mail in a reservation confirmation. The first instalment is to be made around. After receipt of the deposit and afterwards dispatch of the booking confirmation by the organizer, the booking is binding.


4. Services

The extend of the contractual services, results from the service description of the tour operator as well as from the reference to the booking confirmation. Side-agreements that change the extend of the contractual service, require an written confirmation.

5. Deposit

The landlord or keyholder is authorised, by hand over the keys for the apartments, for a possible damage to demand a reasonable deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon proper return of the rental property.


6. Consideration and exclusion

The organizer expects each traveler to respect the customs and traditions of the host country, as well as their requirement for environmentally behavior. If the participant violates them, the organizer has the right to exclude him, without rebat the travel price, from the further journey. Accruing costs are at the expense of the travel participant. The same applies to travelers who continue to bother significantly after being warned and consequently their participation is unreasonable for the fellow travelers or the organizer.


7. Resignation of the participant

The participant can withdraw from the trip at any time. The resignation must be made in writing for the proceedings for the preservation of evidence. The access is at the tour operator. If the customer withdraws from the travel contract, the organizer reserves the first instalment of 40% of the price for all the travel arrangements and its expenses.


8. Rebooking

The customer can change their booking until 10 days before arrival, with the agreement of the tour operator. There will be a payment fee of 50 € applied.


9. Replacement

If a replacement person is provided by the participant, there will be charged a fee of 50€. Please notify before you will arrive!

10. Liability and disclaimer

The tour operator is liable within the framework of due diligence for the travel preparation, the selection and monitoring of the service providers, the correctness of the service description and the proper provision of the travel service. The use of the named services and the participation in surf lessons, surf safari, free surfing or other sportive activities as well as car trips, transfers within the group activities are at the participant’s own responsibility. The organizer excludes liability claims for personal injury and property damage. Parents with their signatures on registration, declare that their child is self-responsible enough to participate in a journey that is not supervised. In this case, the organizer does not assume liability. The equipment must be treated with care.
If something got lost or damaged, the participant needs to pay for it or replace it.


11. Travel health insurance

We recommend a travel health insurance before you travel.


12. Modification of the event development

There can be changes of the event development. Especially if there is bad weather conditions, the program can be changed. But we will offer an alternative program. For weather-related circumstances, we are not responsible in any case.


13. Visa requirements

The participant is responsible for compliance with the passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations.


14. Travel luggage

For the transport of luggage and sports equipment as well as for thefts and burglary, we assume no liability.


15. Severability clause & jurisdiction

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the travel contract does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire travel contract. Jurisdiction is Agadir / Morocco.